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Chinese orthopedic surgeons report that the current hip implants, designed for western populations, do not match their patient’s hip anatomy.

The implants are simply too large and do not fit the femur.

The incidence of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) is 20% in China, but there are no western implant systems appropriate to address this unmet need.

It has been well established in the published orthopedic literature that the Asian and Caucasian femoral anatomy are very different. In the Chinese population:

The femur is smaller.
The femur has a different shape, its more “fluted” like a champagne glass.
The anteversion is higher.
The neck shaft angles are different.
The canal diameters are smaller.

This creates a challenge for surgeons who have to use a prosthesis which is too big


  ExceraOrthopaedics Inc. has been researching and developing a number of different hip solutions since 2009

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Excera Orthopedic Inc. has created a unique, high quality system in the FitRite™* Hip System and is committed to creating a world class education and training system to match. Further details will be announced.
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