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Hip Stems
To fully address the needs of the Chinese surgeon and the patient, 3 different stem designs were created.

Proximal fixation stem (4 sizes)
Preserves bone, maintains alignment, and provides stability with its triple tapered shape.

Standard porous stem (3 sizes)
Smaller, with high anteversion and short neck lengths to match the patient’s anatomy.

Cemented stem (3 sizes)
Similar to the porous stem above but with a cement centralizer to ensure a uniform cement mantle around the stem.

Acetabular Cups
3 acetabular shell designs and two cross-linked ETO sterilized liners fit a range of heads from 22 to 28mm. This versatility provides the surgeon several options to fit the patient’s need while maximizing the fixation and stability.

A complete system of instruments was developed to ensure the implants could be inserted quickly and accurately. The instruments were designed to be familiar to orthopedic surgeons and their staff yet minimizing their complexity.


  ExceraOrthopaedics Inc. has been researching and developing a number of different hip solutions since 2009

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Education & Training:
Excera Orthopedic Inc. has created a unique, high quality system in the FitRite™* Hip System and is committed to creating a world class education and training system to match. Further details will be announced.
The FitRite™* Hip System comprises 3 different hip stems, 3 acetabular cup designs and 2 liners with Instruments designed for simplicity and accuracy.
* CAUTION: Investigational Device. Not cleared or approved for commercialization in any jurisdiction.   Copyright © 2013 Excera Orthopedics, Inc.
All rights reserved.

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